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She didn't even tell me! ... She told my assistant!

Larry David

I appreciate and couldn't do it without my assistant.

Jeremiah Denniston

The physician assistant is known as a physician extender.

Suzanne York

One of the assistant principals saw the student stumble into the alarm.

Barbara Campbell

We went on a tour and met the assistant coach and I really liked her.

Megan Hill

I learned how to run a program. He let me do some things, and he let me have a little more freedom than most assistant coaches.

Todd Hague

Martha's personal assistant could be another key witness for the government.

Gerald Lefcourt

You? You're not an assistant, you're an animator.

Chuck Jones

A manager is an assistant to his men.

Thomas J. Watson

I let the assistant coach do all the talking.

Kevin Gould

Nobody was more surprised than (assistant coach) Bob (Musser) and I.

Eldon Hoy