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It's the same story about the sale of assets ... it's just talk for now.

Tomi Taterka

Intangible assets are not subject to taxation in Michigan.

Michael Shapiro

It's funny the city treats these trees the way they do. They are assets to the city.

Jason Sweeney

These types of assets don't come up every day.

Jason Teh

Their steel assets have not been very competitive.

Rob Edwards

We like the company, and like its assets, and like the opportunities in front of it.

John Grace

Time is one of my most valuable assets.

Bill Anderson

He's very forthcoming about closed accounts, but not so much about current assets.

Tim Dillon

People without a lot of assets should consider not buying it.

Rick Schwarck

The problems with Elf are that its historic returns on assets have been appalling.

Mark Horn

He's appealing the judgment, but his assets have been frozen.

Robert Saunooke

They'd have to sell off the generation assets.

Matthew Cordaro

There are assets here that do exist, and we remain hopeful.

Bradley Skolnik

If you count all your assets, you always show a profit.

Robert Quillen

Our assets are small, and the amount we make isn't much bigger.

Bob Sowders

PG&E did have assets they could've used to subsidize.

Mike Barbis

Diversification of public and private assets.

Christian Noyer

He has assets the other (applicants) don't have.

Commissioner Nancy Robinson

With the assets and resources we do have, we have a good plan.

James Kallstrom

There is no commingling of assets.

Sidney Siller

We're pushing about $190 million in assets (statewide).

Nigel Harrison

Not many assets there.

Betsy Snyder

Our initial focus is acquisition of existing assets.

Terry Thompson

The country cannot go around selling all its assets.

Michael Schubert

Most people think about it when they get married. If you have assets, you really need a will.

Robert Tull

We're very comfortable with our position here. We're comfortable with the secured assets that underlie those assets.

John Oliver

The teams bring diverse assets to the table.

John W. Whitehead

I cannot accept that the assets of a company can be put beyond the control of its managers.

Colette Neuville

Trees are one of our most valuable assets.

Lynn Artz

We expect to appoint three more advisers for the other assets.

John Dludlu

We agreed with Israel that they would leave behind assets that we need and not things we say we don't need.

Ghassan Khatib