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Among the key needs here would be for credit assess and financial advice.

Jeffrey Chew

We will assess his fitness before play and see what the situation is then.

Dave Nosworthy

We will have to assess how much his time in India has taken out of him.

Mike Watkinson

They weren't able to sit back and assess and evaluate different options.

Sandy Gutierrez

Before the end of September and I would be really very happy if I had the possibility to assess positively.

Carla Del Ponte

When I asked whether I'd be able to walk again, they told me they would assess me in 18 months. It was really scary when they said it.

Nancy Camero

We are sending out questionnaires to assess the damage.

Gary Durand

This is another avenue to assess those kids we don't have a lot of data on.

Todd Kolson

If we can't get to a location, we can't assess it, and we can?t fix it.

Jon Tremayne

One thing we do for treatment is to assess those risk factors and minimize them.

Brett Whyte

We'll assess him when and if we need.

Wayne Pivac

She was going to assess things. She hasn't gotten into it yet. It's more like administrative set up.

David Wagner

People assess their own risk, make their own judgments.

Russell Dynes

If he had a similar performance, he'd have to assess the situation again.

Jim Thomas

It's not necessarily for everybody. You have to assess your own circumstances.

Wayne Cotter

It's really a challenge to assess their populations. The only way to really see them is during the spawning run.

Karen Martin

We had to assess who else might be at risk.

Eugene Major

It's too early to assess, ... This was a bad storm. I can't begin to put a dollar amount on it.

Fred Stewart