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A culture is only as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamed by artists.

L. Ron Hubbard

Art is not about thinking something up. It is the opposite -- getting something down.The Artist's Way.

Julia Cameron

Monet's London: Artists' Reflections on the Thames, 1859-1914.

Brooklyn Museum

He is one of the more venerated artists. He is very well known in the hip-hop steam.

Andrew Harding

We have a deep commitment for the arts and the artists in the area.

Peter Cohen

Without poets, without artists, men would soon weary of nature's monotony.

Guillaume Apollinaire

He became one of the greatest artists that will ever be. Ever, ever.

Faye Dunaway

The current actions of the RIAA are not in my artists' best interests.

Terry Mcbride

Most artists are surrealists.. always dreaming something and then they paint it.

Dong Kingman

As artists, these folks are fabulous, ... and as visual storytellers, they are fabulous.

Cheryl Palmer

I'm trying to keep affordable space for artists.

Cindy Funkhouser

He thought other artists were like him, who could see something in another artist and take it.

Hugo Chapman

I constantly listen to the universe, and I advise all other artists to do the same.

Ted Lange

I think it's a testimony to the popularity of these artists.

Shaun Dingwerth

The greatest friend of con artists is lack of knowledge.

Jane King

It's just amazing what they've come up with. A lot of these artists don't usually do clothing items.

Rachel Hicks

All four of these artists have the kind of draw that would be appropriate for an arena.

Richard Shelton

I hate artists who are not of their time.

Guillaume Apollinaire

A lot of portrait artists specialize in men, women or children.

Boris Vallejo

Sometimes you have a concept first, and then you try to find artists that echo the idea you have.

Meghan Coward

Great artists suffer for the people.

Marvin Gaye

Many so-called artists are really products of nature's art.

Friedrich Von Schlegel

We're counting on it. It's a whole different level of artists.

Richard Shelton

Most comic scriptwriters are very bad. The artists are good, but the writers are so bad.

Harry Harrison

[Opera] artists don't hit their prime until 35 or 40, depending on the voice.

Sonia Gariaeff

Artists are given the ability to interact with listeners.

Justin Beckett

Internet con artists are bad actors without borders.

Jodie Bernstein

We think this is one more way for Amazon to help its customers find new artists and products.

Drew Herdener

Artists who seek perfection in everything are those who cannot attain it in anything.

Eugene Delacroix

We are very excited about the diversity of artists and performances.

John Wilkes

Marion's an artistic town. But we don't say we're artists. We just paint.

Don Coley

A nation devoid of art and artists cannot have a full existence.

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

We want them to be encouraging to the artists and some reaction is better than no reaction.

Sandy Higgins

A child's attitude toward everything is an artist's attitude.

Willa Sibert Cather

We always want our artists to act a certain way, and we're always disappointed.

Richard Pierce

I was constantly being around artists and Bohemian types.

Spencer Dryden

How do we get better artists? Show them they are appreciated.

Bob Stokes

We decided to import artists instead of art.

Gregory Volk

It's hungry hip-hop for starving artists. It's ear-candy.

Nick Gigler

It is the artist's business to create sunshine when the sun fails.

Romain Rolland

There's a point in every artist's life when you have to give back.

Dennis Hall

With three artists painting there had to be some discussion.

Patsy Smith

An artist's career always begins tomorrow.

James Whistler

The only legitimate artists in England are the architects.

Benjamin Haydon

Great artists have no country.

Alfred De Musset

It is a great day for artists, it is a great day for anyone who wants to make a living from music.

Michael Speck

The invitation for artists to compete to see who can be the most charitable is a wonderful thing.

Bruce Cockburn

It's mandatory that artists are involved in this process.

Marc Geiger

(Artists) are getting more and more sophisticated.

Jonathan Johnson

Bryan is one of Canada's most admired artists and one of our leading ambassadors.

Melanie Berry

We want to make the artists comfortable.

Kc Grimmett

It's always been a problem for secular artists.

Marty Stuart

We believe artists should get the fruits of their labor.

Vincent Candilora

True artists are almost the only men who do their work for pleasure.

Auguste Rodin

Because GAC is all about artists and music, we're a logical fit.

Ed Hardy