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We anticipate additional arrests in relation to the theft as the investigation continues.

Tom Mangan

You could argue they're out patrolling high-crime areas and making more arrests.

Bill Veteran

It's not going to help at all to do anything that's going to lead to arrests.

Bobby Schindler

These mandates we have no control over, it really arrests our ability to do what we want to do.

Tom Conrad

We are looking at significant charges. There is always the possibility of additional arrests and additional charges.

John Hagerty

No arrests have been made and investigations continue.

Insp Michael Read

We haven't made any arrests, but we have a number of leads.

Lennart Nordén

We hope this has a snowball effect and that more arrests will be made soon.

Lauren Mack

More arrests are possible in connection with the case.

Mark Salter

Two arrests and we can pay for a month's rent.

Roxane White

These arrests have not slowed us down.

Abby Bellows

This is by far one of our biggest arrests.

Tim Meadows

There could be additional arrests. It's still an ongoing investigation.

Dave Bristow

Fourteen out of 30 rooms had arrests.

Kevin Barnes