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People are talking about another problem in Argentina.

Tomi Taterka

Diego Maradona should be the coach of Argentina.

Jose Pekerman

I'm going to get you an Argentina ski shirt. But you're going to have to come out to the aerials to get it.

Clyde Getty

People are still awed about Argentina and what he did in an NBA setting.

Doug Bibby

Gustavo was humongous in Argentina when I was a kid.

Kronos Quartet

That's the thing about Argentina. They all talk at the same time.

Clyde Getty

That's what they do in Argentina. Have a little wine and talk. Then have some coffee and talk. Then, go back to the wine.

Grace Jones

There's no way that Argentina relaxed.

Jose Pekerman

We've got all these worries over Argentina and then this political outlook.

Luiz Marcos Prudencio

It's sad for Argentina tennis and it's a very tough punishment.

Guillermo Vilas