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On an average, we estimate to produce approximately 746,000 barrels of oil per day in 2006.

Abdulnabi Macki

For us, it was approximately $15,000.

Jan Murphy

We estimate that, at the $1,000-or-less threshold amount, approximately 950,000 taxpayers will be eligible.

Nancy Mathis

He owes approximately $30,000. I believe it's a little bit over that amount.

Melissa Clark

I've listed approximately 1,200 books online and of those 1200, I've sold almost 800.

Greg Jung

We're growing approximately 10 per cent a year.

Lars Frederiksen

We have a current waiting list of approximately 153 vendors.

Donald Dodson

It's approximately the color that you would see with your eyes, if you were standing there.

Jim Bell

We have approximately 600 to 700 trees uprooted and down.

Aaron Williams

We have over 27 students accounts, approximately 30, that said no officer was struck.

Tommy Davis

They can run about 38 miles an hour for approximately 50 feet.

David Selby

Approximately 15 officers were able to apprehend him within a minute of the crash.

Jason Lewis

Each car costs approximately $60.

Barry Caskey

I understand they got approximately 60 tips. And maybe this is one of them they're following up on.

Dave Holloway

Our numbers grew approximately 20 kids this year.

Pat Clark