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I believe he was living in an apartment with the bare essentials.

Rick Stone

I guess we'll see when we get there. I will be looking for an apartment in Rome. You got any ideas?

Renato Turano

He did that at our apartment. John, you know better!

Adam Bruhnke

So they can see what life can be like when they get older and get an apartment and a job.

Barbara Lindsay

My momma took out of there what she could and I had it in my apartment in storage and this is all that we have!

Angela Lindsey

It's a big, nice, generous apartment.

John Lithgow

I went to bed in my sh*thole apartment and I woke up in an actual sh*thole.

Leigh Whannell

Her stuff was still at another apartment when she disappeared.

Jacqui Flint

Jamie was in the apartment below us the whole time.

Rose Fox

In my apartment, I have a region with a chess table. This region wants to be in a den.

Nick Nelson

We love our apartment, so we're not in a total rush.

Christine Parker

They plan to operate it as an apartment.

Andrew Wright

They look at the food you can buy, or find a job and get all the things you need for your apartment.

Tom Welch

We ate a lot of ham sandwiches back at the apartment.

Steve Lloyd

I was able to get one with a terrace. That's what really sold me on the apartment.

Lavone Hazell

This apartment building accounts for more than half of our housing complaints.

Dennis Mcbride

They're so scared of bad apartments. Apartment zoning is not (necessarily) a bad thing.

Chad Wampler

One of them was killed and the other was shot to the point where he wasn't able to get up or get out of the apartment.

Sgt. Will Gonzales

It's a really terrific apartment, with a really great 'wow' factor when you walk in.

Brian Rice

It was fit for a small apartment.

Bill Burton

It doesn't mean there is an empty apartment out there for the 400 households out there.

Loraine Helber

That means you can locate your apartment building from the database.

Lu Xinshe

Evidence at this point does not link that apartment or those individuals to anthrax.

Sandra Carroll

These are nice apartment complexes.

Nancy Stoudenmire

It's a lot more convenient. We're able to do more than when I was paying $475 a month for the apartment I couldn't have. Now I'm paying for a house that I can have.

Tom Cameron