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A very ancient and fish-like smell.

William Shakespeare

It is God's will. Since ancient times it has been this way. It is our fate.

Ali Hussein

The knowledge of the ancient languages is mainly a luxury.

John Bright

The first thing you notice is that everything is sort of ancient.

Jim Court

The Getty is a contemporary museum of ancient art, in some ways.

Michael Brand

We're creating a world of our own, a mix of the ancient and contemporary.

Kate Buckley

ACADEME, n. An ancient school where morality and philosophy were taught.

Ambrose Bierce

This is a very ancient structure, maybe the oldest in our area.

Yotam Tepper

In the ancient world, Christianity was even more diverse than it was today.

Bart Ehrman

He told me that his salute belonged to ancient Rome.

Lilian Thuram

We're confident this is genuine ancient Christian literature.

Bart Ehrman

Ancient, ancient times, ... And here I am, still busier than ever.

Gladys Knight

They are flying blind. A lot of the figures are ancient.

Milan Khatri