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Writing is one of the ambitions I have.

Adrian Rogers

Do not let your ambitions become a sanctuary for your failures.

Bryant H. Mcgill

As you go along, you realize you have ambitions but when you get there, you want something else, so you're moving very quickly.

Justin Hayward

Of course I've still got those ambitions.

Alex Sanderson

They only care about themselves and their ambitions. Everything is security security security.

Guy Cohen

The acquisition of One2One is clearly not the end of our ambitions in this respect.

Ron Sommer

Men are more often bribed by their loyalties and ambitions than by money.

Robert H. Jackson

Our biggest competition in achieving our ambitions, ... is a television set.

Andrew Grove

We have global ambitions, but to get there we had to advance first to Asia.

Guido Buchwald

We really have a lot of ambitions for this film.

Jim Henson

I think a tax cut would be a good thing if he has those larger ambitions.

Mark Alesse

We have always understood the Kurdish people's ambitions.

Amr Mussa

Don?t just go there and play. Go there and play with pride and show your ambitions.

Roger Milla

THINK. Think about your appearance, associations, actions, ambitions, accomplishment.

Thomas J. Watson