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We can do it if they [our alumni] help us. Once we get it going, then it can snowball.

Jim Mullally

It's a very exciting moment for all of our alumni and the school itself.

Raymond Martin

I hope so. It would be neat for the game, the alumni and the community.

John Woods

We're not sure what this year will bring but my vote is on the alumni.

Brooke Pollard

That little additional touch, ... is something not all alumni manage.

Gary Hammond

Their focus is to get students to come out and connect with alumni.

Jerrod Lockhart

The alumni still come up very often to have events with us and do all that. It's a lot of fun.

Susie Hibbeler

I think the streak meant more to the alumni. It was more of a distraction for the players.

Russ Brown

Every university needs its alumni.

Sean Cummings

Alumni come out of the woodwork for this one.

John Lee

Well, what are your alumni doing? Why should I invest in you if your alumni aren't?

John Donohue