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What we're saying is, they had information about the allegation.

Diane Jackson

I haven't heard that before. ... It's a new allegation.

Manfred Nowak

He denies the allegation and has done from day one.

Richard Egan

One allegation, one allegation was going to ruin ... his life, ... That was another thing we were looking at.

Robert Quiroga

It's an allegation and we are cooperating with the FBI.

Lynn Martenstein

The allegation doesn't make any sense.

Mark B. Cohen

This seems to be a far more serious allegation.

Gerard Cassidy

The only thing I have right now is just an allegation. This is an active investigation.

Carlos Negron

The allegation has no basis either in fact or in law.

Yves Fortier

We see this as an extremely serious allegation of unacceptable behavior.

Jim Yonts