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It's nice to go to a familiar place in Albany.

Travis Wight

If we can't support a club in Albany, the capital of New York ....

Jerry Gordon

But the government in Albany don't see it that way.

Charles Oliver

Please don't tell me this is the best Albany can do.

Daniel Walsh

They had to go from Shanghai to Narita, then Narita to Detroit, then Detroit to Albany.

Karen Pagoda

We'd like to create a medical niche here in New Albany.

Joseph Stefanov

This is Albany, we're going to need a fireplace.

Ray Richardson

Give Albany credit. Their will to win was much more than ours.

Heath Eliason

She came to live with me in Albany. She really enjoyed that, she got to see some of the grandchildren.

Florence Back

In the end, it is Albany and the labor unions that we have to depend on.

Michael Bloomberg