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Building an airline from scratch is not for the faint-hearted.

Fred Reid

We suspect the transmission would be very low on airline flights, ... but probably not zero.

Curtis Allen

It's a good fit. It'd be a very strong global airline.

Joel Denney

The only thing we don't include is the cost of your meals or airline tickets.

Dick Wheeler

We are a vastly different airline than we were in 2002.

Jake Brace

There's a market there, but it would be difficult for anyone...you can't run an airline on one route.

Peter Harbison

The biggest question I have is, is it (the airline) making any money.

Roger King

You can't operate a global airline like that.

Mike Boyd

They have an innovative approach to the airline business - profitability.

Juli Niemann

In the airline business, cash is like blood - you run out, you die.

Mike Boyd

It's unfortunate. But you're looking at a very dynamic airline.

John Lampl

These costs are not insignificant for an airline that is fighting for its survival.

Joe Kolshak