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It can be really tough sometimes. It's more than just handing out Band-Aids.

Kathleen Glynn

We've had too many World AIDS Days.

Richard Gere

This has created a big problem for controlling the spread of AIDS.

Wang Longde

We're brutally honest with them, and that aids in motivation.

Amy Jones

But if they didn't do it, the middle-aged gay men, then how come so many of them died of AIDS in the '80s? How did that happen?

Ron Cowen

But I left because I was scared of catching AIDS.

Gary English

It looked like blood. That's when he said he had AIDS.

Vinay Patel

Does Yasser Arafat Have AIDS?

David Frum

These are two state-of-the-art hearing aids. There was no way her family could afford them.

Mary Howell

Is neither a cure for AIDS nor a way of preventing infection with HIV.

John Mills

What you're talking about here is a cancer and you have to cut it out, ... You can't use Band-Aids.

Jeanine Pirro

Not 'eight,' Dad, 'aids.' Hearing aids.

Alice Pendergrast

Lloyd Webbers music is everywhere but so is AIDS.

Malcolm Williamson

The conundrum with AIDS is (that) unlike chicken pox, AIDS is fatal.

Ezekiel Emanuel