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But there is always the possibility for me, as a free agent, to go somewhere else.

Peter Bondra

Tonight, my agent called me and said, 'Well, do you want to retire a multimillionaire?' .

Doug Wead

If God had an agent, the world wouldn't be built yet. It'd only be about Thursday.

Jerry Reynolds

My money goes to my agent, then to my accountant and from him to the tax man.

Glenda Jackson

If my father had been an IRS agent, I probably would have been an IRS agent.

John Pizzarelli

Sellers are sometimes out shopping for an agent to sell their home.

Leigh Rutledge

The idea was not to charge per server, or CPU, or agent, or target.

Kris Hagerman

I said to my agent, 'Is there any way I can get on the list to direct this thing?

Sam Raimi

Our father was exposed to Agent Orange during the war.

Andrea Hall

My wife is really unhappy with my agent. But I'm the big winner.

James Denton

Doesn't (agent) Leigh Steinberg tell you?

Mike Wallace

They will send an agent to our office. We had 400 liens this year (2005).

Bob Chidlow

You don't talk to your agent about money?

Mike Wallace

An agent doesn't run our team. And, frankly, his agent doesn't decide where he plays.

Kevin Payne

I became Marlene's agent in Vegas.

Jaki Baskow

I want to continue to be a dynamic change agent.

Patricia Davis

We don't believe it was Agent Orange.

Tom Osbourne

We did business with an authority in Iraq. The same authority tells our agent that you have to pay a fee to do any business at all.

Leif Johansson

We felt Steven was one of the top free-agent big men out there.

Billy King

My agent was like, 'Oh my God, you're going to love her,'.

Amanda Peet

I suggested to my agent that they swap spouses, but that didn't go over very well.

Ken Harris

He had a better agent.

Jerry Maren

An agent is a person who is sore because an actor gets 90% of what they make.

Sir Elton John

I'm going with a proven administrator who is a change agent.

Edward Goldman

That's attractive for any free agent.

Earl Watson

We saw him and got in touch with his agent and made it happen.

Zachary Jeremiah