9 quotes about advertisers follow in order of popularity. Be sure to bookmark and share your favorites!

Advertisers believe that once you reach 50, you're over.

Marc Berman

(W)hen there's more engaged users, more advertisers want to be in front of them.

Charles Buchwalter

There is a little competition for advertisers, but we have a different style. And, no, we're not threatened.

Nancy Bagley

Most of our advertisers want to go for the triple-play wrap.

Terry Saeger

We're here to link buyers with sellers. Anything that helps our advertisers helps us.

Dana Benton Russell

Advertisers can't buy enough video in today's market.

Terry Mackin

We compete with ourselves. And that's what advertisers like to see.

Jack Sweeney

It's the most popular among advertisers, which is a rating of its own.

Charley Johnson

It felt like a commercial - and advertisers already do that well.

Jonathan Prince