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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Arthur C. Clarke

The curriculum will be in line with that of any other advanced country.

Ashraf Qazi

It's probably going to be a lot like an advanced Apollo capsule.

Steve Hawley

We think they advanced the cause.

Jeffrey Berman

It's a disgrace. On one side, we are so advanced, and on the other side, yes, we are so advanced, but for whom?

Guillermo Vicuna

This helps us [the fire academy] move to a more advanced level of training.

Todd Angel

Our product is more advanced than most and we'll continue to build it out.

George Shaheen

Talks are at an advanced stage.

Mike Bartlett

(Jon) just advanced on me. I've relied too much on my arm, and that's why I threw it out.

Tim Rozborski

The public does not get any advanced security by giving up more information.

Tim Sparapani

Yes, you should be somewhat advanced.

Debi Haehl

Will there be enough students to have (advanced) classes if we do that?

Karen Eyrich