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We have adapted time and again.

Dwight Decker

I was surprised at how quickly I adapted to my role.

Val Kilmer

I came here two days ago and I haven't adapted to the surface yet.

Albert Costa

It helps firm up the shoreline. The plants and animals have adapted to it.

Bill Ohde

The guys adapted well early on, when it did a little bit, and overall it was a good day for us.

Brian Bell

They may have adapted to using different types of habitats.

Sara Barker

ENVY, n. Emulation adapted to the meanest capacity.

Ambrose Bierce

We adapted to Jon rather than have Jon adapt to us.

Jennifer Owensby

We're all happy for him, that he's done so well and adapted so well. We're all excited about the future.

Brian Willsie

The laws are adapted to those cases which most frequently occur.

Legal Maxim

There is no salvation in becoming adapted to a world which is crazy.

Henry Miller

Wherever you are in the house has a view. That could be adapted in California.

Greg Dettwiler

They were really aggressive and up on you. They were reaching a lot. They never adapted to the way the game was being called.

Marcellus Sommerville

NASA never really adapted to that new paradigm.

Andrew Chaikin