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Well, we're going to be looking at acquisitions. There's not doubt about it.

Brooks Martin

We are looking at a number of acquisitions, ... but they have to make sense.

Wayne Rosso

We are very pleased with the latest acquisitions.

Nic Lyons

We are looking for further acquisitions now.

Stephen Pelletier

We have very aggressive expansion plans for acquisitions in Russia and abroad.

Alexander Utochkin

There will be no large acquisitions in the next two years.

Klaus Zumwinkel

The cost of mergers and acquisitions is too much.

Dong Junfeng

They are going to be benefiting from the consolidation of acquisitions.

Michael Sones

Our aim in Europe is to grow organically. We're not considering any acquisitions.

Fred Goodwin

If they can do acquisitions that are well priced, that would be a preferred use of the capital.

Suneet Kamath

Currently, we are doing 95 percent. Following the acquisitions we will be probably doing 98 to 99 percent.

Lee Swee Eng

We are open to more such acquisitions in future.

Mayank Jalan

We are not actively looking at acquisitions right now.

Charlie Denson