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Acknowledge your crisis, resign, ... and let's go to the polls.

Piero Fassino

I acknowledge there have been mistakes and things we could have done better, but we will get on top of this issue.

Chris Walton

How we treasure (and admire) the people who acknowledge us!

Julie Morgenstern

I'm happy they at least acknowledge the problem exists.

Dan Mclean

I think the people at Dow would have to acknowledge that there is something to the Internet.

Chuck Carlson

You can't change what you don't acknowledge.

Dr. Phil

We understand and acknowledge there is remaining significant risk at the new PEL.

Jonathan Snare

He was quick to acknowledge that he made a really dumb mistake.

Travis Tygart

We were yelling at them to see if they would acknowledge us. The pilot said, 'We're OK,' so I knew there was more than one.

Mike Arnold

We acknowledge there may be some confusion about the meaning of these terms.

Luis Lugo

They refused to acknowledge the fact that there were six toilets on it.

Mark Gordon

I acknowledge there was killing. But who controlled it?

Nuon Chea

This is as clear as the nose on your face, but yet the Administration won't acknowledge it.

David Hartquist

Let someone else acknowledge your virtues.

Maori Proverb