"Zahir Raheem" is an United States/American Boxing/boxer. Known as "King Raheem", his current professional record stands at 33 wins, 3 losses with 20 knockouts.

After a stellar amateur career, which included a 213-4 record, 15-1 against international competition, and a spot in the 1996 U.S. Olympic team, Raheem turned professional on November 16, 1996, with a 4th round KO win over Clifford Watford. Being among the less touted of the '96 U.S. Olympians, Raheem worked his way up the rankings slowly, before finally receiving a shot against Rocky Juarez. Raheem lost to Juarez in what many thought was a "hometown" decision. Raheem was continuously hassled throughout the fight by the referee. After the match, HBO commentator Larry Merchant said, "That referee made it seem like Raheem was fighting two people."

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I've been watching him all my life.

I wish I knew. I'm just glad I have this chance. Finally, FINALLY.

I always believed in myself when nobody else would, ... I worked hard. It wasn't a gift. I earned it.

I finally got my just due, ... But I'm still not happy and done yet. I haven't yet accomplished my professional goals. I want to be a legend. I won't stop until I'm done.