Zaheer Khan
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"Zaheer Khan" (born 7 October 1978) is an Indian people/Indian cricketer who has been a member of the Indian cricket team since 2000. He also played for Worcestershire County Cricket Club/Worcestershire in County Cricket and plays for Mumbai cricket team/Mumbai in Indian domestic cricket. He is currently the second-most successful Indian pace bowler in Test match cricket, behind Kapil Dev.

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I thought I will use the time to work on those things. I think if it has worked well for me in domestic cricket, it should work in international cricket as well.

That will be there in their mind. It is a psychological thing.

There are some very good measures in there, both for the equity investors and the bondholders. The share buyback and the (phone lines) income trust are much bigger than what I was expecting. They had to reduce their debt, and they are going to do that.

It was not explained why I was dropped. I was shocked and disappointed when I was not in the Indian Test side for the England series.