We've invented a way to grow the film using a slow-growth method.

At last Olympics, I just focused on my competitions but not the election, so I did not prepare much for it, and I even did not make the basic introduction about myself required by IOC. But I'm very happy that although I lost the election, it was not by a big gap.

The hero with a great heart will become more real to Chinese of all ages when he leaps from the pages of textbooks and onto the silver screen in the serial.

Of course, this 100 percent is not the same as four years ago. Last time I was strong physically but a little short on experience. This time, experience is my strength.

As an athlete, while standing on the ice, the only goal is to win the gold medal. What's more important for me is that I could compete in one more Olympic Games.

Solar energy is a clean alternative energy source. It's clear, given the current energy crisis, that we need to embrace new sources of renewable energy that are good for our planet. I believe very strongly in using technology to provide affordable options that all consumers can put into practice.

Starting in 1999, I began to join some of the international meetings. Through these activities, I have broadened my horizon to a large extent.

I will be sure to retire after the 2006 Games, and the first thing I will do then is to finish my studies. For the future, I haven't thought too much about it yet, but I won't leave sports.