We have multiple critical injuries and multiple serious injuries and some minor injuries.

From Day One, I told everybody to watch out for Ike because he had the talent and skills to be a good corner.

Working with family and members of the department, we will be able to calm her down and relax her to the point we will be able to get concisely whatever she had.

I was very pleased to hear that the attorney general's office was going to conduct their preliminary inquiry, then make their decisions after they find out whether there is anything that needs to be looked into.

We do not know whether it was an opportunistic robbery, whether it was something that was planned or whether it was a follow-up, ... We just don't know right now.

We're know of no other suspects. We're not actively looking for anybody.

Very traumatized by the event and by the public exposure.

A 13-year-old girl from this neighborhood had been taken into this property, and over the next hour and a half, gang-raped and assaulted by at least five to 10 juveniles and adults from the neighborhood.

These people were simply trying to escape an extremely bad situation.