" Willie Snead IV " is an American football wide receiver. He played college football at Ball State Cardinals football/Ball State. He was signed by the Cleveland Browns as an Undrafted Free Agent on May 10, 2014 and has since drifted through the practice squads of the Carolina Panthers and New Orleans Saints.

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It's a definite plus to have kids that are that size and can play. But we run a no-huddle, so they have to move. They understand that.

They're used to seeing that (two quarterbacks). They showed focus and didn't get caught in the hype.

We're looking at possibly six months of demolition. That's what's giving the people hope, seeing some activity.

It just says a lot about the talent out here that we have players that are able to make the most of it despite being under the radar, but they're getting the opportunity to prove they can play.

[Holley] always has a tendency to make plays like that. He's another option for us at the quarterback position. We're just glad he'll be with us for a while.

I hate running clocks. I think it cheats the kids. We had certain things we wanted to work on in the second half that we weren't able to do.

It's very exciting. It'll be an opportunity for us to represent South Florida and Palm Beach County.

Our kids are tired and my concern is injuries.

We take a lot of pride in doing our job. We're very professional. We just want to come out and put on a good show for our community.