William Ruto
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"William Samoei arap Ruto" is a Kenyan politician who has been Deputy President of Kenya since 2013. He served as the Acting President of Kenya between 5 and 8 October 2014 while President Uhuru Kenyatta was away at the Hague. He previously served in various ministerial positions including the Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Higher Education. He was Secretary General of Kenya African National Union/KANU, the former ruling political party, and MP for Eldoret North Constituency between December 1997 and January 2013. He won the seat in the Kenyan general election, 1997/1997 Kenyan election after defeating Reuben Chesire. He was appointed to the position of Assistant Minister in the Office of the President by President Daniel arap Moi in 1998. He was promoted to be Minister for Home Affairs in August 2002. He also previously served as the Chairman of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Constitutional Reform in the 9th Parliament.

On 4 March 2013, he was elected as Deputy President alongside President Uhuru Kenyatta. They won on a Jubilee Coalition ticket.

Ruto's case in the International Criminal Court (ICC) is currently at an advanced stage. However, it has been faced with challenges especially concerning withdrawal of key prosecution witnesses.

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I have learnt that they want to test the feeling of the people on the Wako Draft and pass the same message to the Government.

The government that was elected through democratic process should rule by the law. It is a government inviting the wrath of the people.

The Government wants to kill democracy by registering more parties while it has failed to contain hunger and insecurity.

We in ODM are ready for dialogue with the Government over the review process, but if it insists to have its own way, we will have no alternative but to come with a parallel panel.

The era of making unilateral decisions is over, and unless the government changes the way it does the business of the house, you will continue to see more of what you saw today.