Until there is some direct thing done to prevent crime before it happens, it is going to keep happening. If a curfew can prevent crime before it happens, so be it.

Right there, there is not that much inventory for that kind of property. Because of a lack of availability, what you get is higher prices.

We should not pass judgment until the case is properly heard.

There must be something that the established tourism community in the region can do in this regard and we will meet to see what proposals come up.

That last goal was a bad miscommunication.

We have to bring it together and communicate. We're making too many little mistakes that lead to goals like that or missed goals.

The association can take some of the people from the ventures that are having problems to some of these and see how they can remedy some of the difficulties they are experiencing.

It is a surrender to a whole wish list of IRA demands. It is certainly not accepted or acceptable to me and I don't believe it's a peace deal.