What drove him into politics was indignation, outrage.

We've had some students who enjoyed these types of programs so much they've made the pursuit of music a big part of their lives. We've even had some go on to perform with the marching and concert bands at Westmoreland High School.

I love watching NFL Films and ESPN Classic.

The arts and music in schools is very important these days when so much on television has nothing to do with the fine arts. These kind of programs really broaden the horizon of our students and is better than having them just sitting in front of the TV.

Bob did a good job of keeping the department running. And the employees in that department are to be commended for their work.

Excluding restructuring and the other non-recurring items we discussed, I expect to see strong second- half performance with solid double-digit earnings growth from our core businesses.

Using open architectures will allow the Navy to afford its future. New technology is available every 18 months. Using standards-based interfaces such as DDS allows us to easily introduce upgraded hardware in our operational systems without having to rewrite the application software.

I think he laid forth a very strong message, a great plan, and I think we should all work together to help him accomplish that. He certainly can count on my support.

Heinz is becoming an even more attractive investment opportunity as we focus on three strong categories where we have the consumer expertise, the leading brands and operational capabilities to generate stronger and higher quality growth in profits and sales.