William Hurt
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"William McChord Hurt" is an American stage and film actor. He received his acting training at the Juilliard School and began acting on stage in the 1970s. Hurt made his film debut as a troubled scientist in the science-fiction feature Altered States (1980), for which he received a Golden Globe Award/Golden Globe nomination for Golden Globe Award for New Star of the Year - Actor/New Star of the Year. He subsequently played a leading role, as a lawyer who succumbs to the temptations of Kathleen Turner, in the well-received neo-noir Body Heat (1981).

In 1985, Hurt garnered substantial critical acclaim and multiple acting awards, including an Academy Award and a British Academy Film Awards/BAFTA Award for Best Actor, for portraying an effeminate gay man in Kiss of the Spider Woman (film)/Kiss of the Spider Woman. He received another two Academy Award nominations for his lead performances in Children of a Lesser God (1986) and Broadcast News (film)/Broadcast News (1987). Hurt remained an active stage actor throughout the 1980s, appearing in Off-Broadway productions, including Henry V (play)/Henry V, Fifth of July, Richard II (play)/Richard II and A Midsummer Night's Dream. Hurt received his first Tony Award nomination in 1985 for the Broadway production of Hurlyburly.

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David had this thing in his chest and couldn't shake it.

You don't look at it as the size of the role. Quantity is not the point. You can be as thorough in 30 seconds as you can in three hours.

Being stared at is not fun . . . There are times when someone on the street says, "Are you William Hurt?" and I will say, "No, not at the moment."

I need to exist as an actor. . . . There is frustration. But that's not my primary experience. The primary experience is, "Today I'm gonna go try." When I get it, it feels wonderful. But even trying feels good.

David's working on subjects that interest me.

What if you went to the nth degree to prove to yourself that you're the person you want to be? But you found that it's completely different from the person that you are, and you found yourself in a place that consistently refuted the facts as you sensed them?

You have to create a track record of breaking your own mold, or at least other people's idea of that mold.

He'll even let himself be characterized as perverse. He's not. He's the opposite of perverse. He's coaxing our perversions, our suppressed perversions, into the open and helping us to deal with them in this wonderful way.