The last major storm to come through Florida, before Hurricane Andrew hit in 1992, was Hurricane Betsy in 1965, which went through the Keys.

The fact that this storm is moving at a good clip is favorable for getting stronger.

We were very lucky in that eight-year period, and the luck just ran out. We always thought it would run out.

We feel our ongoing forecast research will allow us to continue to improve our predictive skill.

We have always believed that the atmosphere will act in the future as it has in the past. This assumption can fail in some years but when applied over a period of several years we find that the atmosphere and ocean does indeed have a long period memory in most years.

Emanuel is wrong, it's just wrong.

Unfortunately, we are continuing the bad news by predicting above-average activity for September and October.

The rest of the globe that has 88% of the tropical storms hasn't changed, ... If I'm proven wrong, I will jump off the highest peak in Colorado.