Davie County needs to recognize its best chili cooks, and that's what we've started doing.

The job situation seems to be improving, but many people here are still living below the poverty level. The police did a wonderful job, but churches need to do more.

I see they've made some improvements, but they're bringing investment to others, not to us. We can't afford $300,000 houses.

This case is about an act of terrorism, the killing of a man for supposed political ends as long ago as 1984.

The observance does not only recognize (the passage of the 19th Amendment) but also commemorates the ongoing effort towards full equality for women in our society today.

Engineering is a good place to be.

I haven't heard anything from him. Then I saw he killed his mom in Perry. I don't know ... how you could do this? How could you kill your mother?

I need to regroup and decide what to do next.

To be Canadian is to live in relative calm and with great dignity.