"William E. Pearson" is the co-founder of mental floss/mental_floss, a bi-monthly magazine, which he started with Mangesh Hattikudur when both were students at Duke University. Pearson graduated from Duke in 2001, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History. Describing himself, Pearson noted his penchant for eating two M&M's at the same time, on different sides of the mouth, "making both sides of the mouth equally happy". Will Pearson and Mangesh Hattikudur met as freshmen at Duke University and in their senior year parlayed their cafeteria conversations into the first issue of mental_floss magazine.Cite web

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Our goal from the beginning has been to blur the line between education and entertainment, ... why not have one with our goal of education?

Mental Floss is what it is. It's about people learning information they always thought they should know.

It's good training for a writer, ... entertaining people, telling them about your life, listening as they tell you about theirs.