There is definitely an overlap there between what he does on the slopes and on the football field. Whenever you watch film on him, what you see is Jeremy running away from people. It's impressive.

He's a hard-working kid. He's got good size (6 feet, 200 pounds), good focus, good concentration on the ball, good hands.

Certainly that would be the plan. You have a bunch of guys who've bought into what your system is all about, and I think that everybody's even more determined to get there next year.

It's exciting for me to be in a position like that where you can kind of be a part of the game that's considered the pinnacle of your profession. The fact that you come from Millersville, or the fact that you come from USC, it's kind of the same as far as your desire or your passion for this game.

The experience and everything was great, with the exception of closing the deal. [The Super Bowl] was great, just a bad ending for us, but everything else was just like you like it.

They have people who fit their scheme very well.

It doesn't matter where you come from, as long as you have passion for whatever it is you're doing.

Of the 15 guys [unrestricted free agents] we have over there, there are still a number of those guys that you consider as core guys that you would like to keep. Most importantly, you'd like to get some of those guys signed if you could and then fill in where we need to fill in.