Everyone always says they need to have something to do in January. A film festival seemed like a fun thing.

There have been a couple times I thought I would give up.

I was living a totally destructive life.

I remember one time (Ozark assistant) coach (Kevin) Armstrong was going to take me to a tryout for a coach at a college in Iowa and I spent the entire weekend partying. I was just feeling dead and terrible and called him up and cancelled the trip. I just think back to how stupid I was to take away all of those chances I had.

It gets mentioned all throughout the year. Everybody wants to know when those BBC games are. All day at school everybody's telling me, 'I want 30 points or 50 points.' Everybody is looking forward to it.

They've been really supportive of me. It's been a healthy situation for me.

Without the volunteers, we couldn't even think of having a season.

If he starts making a couple, they all start going in. It's the same way when we play after-school pickup games. He's the sparkplug for us a lot of times.