"William Taylor Harris" is an United States/American professional baseball pitcher for the Houston Astros of Major League Baseball. He previously played with the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Colorado Rockies.

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I'm satisfied with her representation and what Kerr-McGee is doing.

I was pretty excited when I won.

I don't want the boys to get caught up in all the attention we have been getting. We just need to worry about one shift, one goal, one game at a time.

I felt good out there. My first at-bat I struck out looking and wanted to be more aggressive in my next few at-bats. Coach Smoke (Laval) told me to just let it go and try to pull the ball and get my best swing off. My next two at-bats, I got two good pitches to hit and was able to pull them out of the park.

I was looking for a ball away the entire at-bat. I fouled a couple off, pitches that I could have hit. He kept living out there and left me one up that I could handle.

We get accused of having an all-star team by some other cities in the state, but that isn't the case. Even by pulling from all of these schools, we really only have enough boys for one team.

It's good to get out to a lead, especially when a guy is having trouble throwing strikes. You just have to patient, get pitches to hit and make sure you do something with it. You don't want to let teams hang around, so you jump on them as quickly as you can.