"William T. "Will" Baker" is an American perennial candidate from Tacoma, Washington.

Baker, described by the Tacoma News Tribune as "a roadside flower salesman with a history of annoying elected officials," has run for Pierce County, Washington/Pierce County Auditor, Washington state Auditor, United States Senator, Tacoma city council, and mayor of Tacoma, among other offices, but has never won a contest. He has been repeatedly arrested for speaking past his allotted time during public comment periods of the Tacoma city council, then refusing to yield the floor. On one occasion, in 1997, he continued his monologue after being booked into the Pierce County jail, even refusing to stop after jail guards left the door to his cell open "hoping he'd leave." (According to another report of that incident, Baker refused to leave jail after having bail posted by an acquaintance as he'd learned his landlord had evicted him. Sheriff Mark French attempted to convince Baker to leave jail, but Baker chose to remain in his cell.)

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