"Wayne Anthony Ross" is an United States/American Lawyer/attorney residing in Alaska. In 2009, Ross was nominated to be Alaska Attorney General by then Governor of Alaska/Governor Sarah Palin. His nomination was rejected by the Alaska Legislature on April 16, 2009. Ross is a current director of the National Rifle Association, and previously served as its vice president.

Ross has been active in Alaska politics for decades, running in the Republican Party (United States)/Republican gubernatorial primaries twice and serving on Palin's gubernatorial campaign. He has been active in lobbying for gun rights and against gun control, and in the pro-life movement. In 2003, Ross defended a man who had poured buckets of water onto Opposition to the Iraq War/Iraq war protesters, arguing that the man was exercising his First Amendment to the United States Constitution/right to free speech by dousing the protesters with water.

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I thought Montesano had the crowd on its side. They had the momentum. They're going against a team that has won 11 in a row, that's first in the league, and had us on the ropes. At the end Tracey hit those two free throws, which was great. Because you would have never known what would have happened if she missed those. Those were real crucial.

The girls played well under (the circumstances). We battled back. Mackenzie had a good third quarter and the team came through.

We played all-right defense. On offense, they didn't stop us, we stopped ourselves. Of the 31 shots we missed, I bet we missed 20 that were 2-feet or 1-foot.

I'll tell you what, to have that many turnovers is not good for the game of basketball. That is inexcusable and is not acceptable. We can't do that.