When law enforcement isn't available, Americans turn to the one right that protects all the others, the right to keep and bear arms.

What we see is the president now dusting off every tired, old gun control bill that's been around his administration for the last six years -- waiting periods, one-gun-a-month schemes, imports or magazine bans, mandatory locks -- tired old schemes that will have no real impact on this criminal culture of violence in this country.

The effect of their (the administration's) policy, by not taking the drug dealer with a gun, the violent felon with a gun, and the gang member with a gun off the street is somebody later gets killed.

I think it may be the most important election in the history of the Second Amendment. We're telling people, if they value the freedom to own a firearm, this is the election you'd better get out and vote.

The Democratic National Committee is virtually 100 percent anti-firearms ownership, and the Republican National Committee stands on the side of the freedom.

One hundred percent of the time, no plea bargain, no bail, you're going to the penitentiary -- that will change the atmosphere in this culture of violence the president talks about.

That's just not what good people do, ... It's been proven that good people can use rational decisions about what's necessary to save their life.

We sure do, ... just as we help Republicans that help us out. That's what our members expect us to do.

He voted the way that state wanted him to vote, ... I mean, he used to call us up. We used to have meetings. We contributed to him. And I kind of look at him now, and I go, 'This is a conversion worthy of investigation by the church.'