We have to win as we need to win in order to achieve our aim of taking the title this season.

We are expecting a tough game as Village are a team that has defended stoutly at home and then counter. There is also the situation where a number of teams are afraid of playing on the Village field but we will go there with no fear in our hearts.

I am very disappointed (that we didn't take the lead) but such is life... in this game you are going to fall, but you have to know that you will have to rise again.

We came out here with a lot of heart today and put in a good effort and come next week we must fancy our chances at home.

We're expecting a good fight from them, a stout battle, but I think we have the ammunition to stave off that challenge and defeat them.

We have been showing guts and determination all season but no more so than today. We realized that things were not going well and we went to the bench because we know the depth of this team and it worked. I am extremely happy.

I'm not satisfied with the performance but three points is three points and once you get the points you can stay in touch with the leader.

We went for five goals but we only got three and we give thanks to the Lord for that. But of course we squandered a lot of chances in the second half. our concentration waned in the last 15 minutes...

I'm in awe by the occasion, but I have to give thanks to God for doing the job for us.