I have put together as many as nine teams (of senior athletes). I had three teams here last year. I'm playing out my fantasy from high school.

Desiree really stepped up, provided energy and we all fed off it. Thomas really fed off her.

Since she is my best player, we have one-on-one discussions on some of the things I would like to see from her on the court, how she can make her teammates better and some things she should focus on. She always delivers. That always helps the team.

[The Gators] always play us tough. I don't expect them to lay back. They have a little momentum and they're fired up.

If Rita is half as devastating as what Katrina was, it could be a phenomenal effect across the country. Our business revolves around the petroleum industry. If you think about it -- all the roofing paper is made with petroleum, all the plastic and coatings and pipes -- all those kind of things tied into repairs and new home construction.

She's going to have a busy summer. It's going to be great for her.

We came out fired up. Then we got a little bit tired. We started making tired mistakes to let them back in it. They are a very solid ball club. They took advantage of our little mistakes. That's what good ball clubs do.