My two-seamer (fastball) really worked well today, and I went to it a lot. I felt comfortable with it, and I think today that was the key for me: getting that pitch in the location I needed.

I went out to win, but I didn't get it. This one hurts.

I felt better in the bullpen.

I really, really feel good, but I'm missing on my location, my spots.

I got the ball and calmly got off the mound and just wiped my hand slowly across my face. It's so rare (to see a ball called), because one knows you can't put your hand in your mouth. How can he think I'd do that?

What happened in the sixth inning I'm not sure.

He told me that I ran my finger over my mouth. That is what he said I was doing. I never touched my mouth while I was on the mound. I touched my face because I was sweating.

Those five runs were great for our confidence. With a 5-1 lead, you go out there with more confidence. I had a lot confidence in our relievers because the bullpen's been doing a great job.

Our thought process, for anybody in the starting rotation, is to go out and contribute to the team.