Vincent Lecavalier
FameRank: 10

"Vincent Lecavalier" is a Canada/Canadian professional ice hockey player who is a member of the Philadelphia Flyers of the National Hockey League (NHL). Lecavalier previously spent his first 14 NHL seasons with the Tampa Bay Lightning before being bought out following the 2012–13 season and signing with the Flyers for $22.5 million over 5 years. He was chosen first overall by the Lightning in the 1998 NHL Entry Draft and won a Stanley Cup with the team in 2004. He won the Maurice "Rocket" Richard Trophy in 2007 as the NHL's leading goal scorer.

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I don't know how to describe it. The buzz is unbelievable.

Things were going in, that's the way it went tonight, and we need to keep it going because it's a long season. It's really frustrating after a game and you've had five good chances and none of them are goals, but things went in tonight.

It was pretty exciting. The month of August, every day there was something new. We knew it was going to be like that because there were 300-something people not signed. ... It makes it exciting for the people. And the more exciting it is, the more they'll come to the game, the more they'll watch it on TV. That's how you build a fan base. I thought it was good for the game.

The first four years I was there, we lost a lot and people weren't coming out to see us and people did not respect our team. Now we have turned it around. Now we are a competitive team and we are winning every year and we have a chance to keep it going.

I love it. There's no clutching and grabbing, you have more ice and you don't get as tired having to fight through.

It still seems unbelievable to me. I'll watch the DVD of Game 7 and it gets in the final minute and I start yelling at the screen: 'What are you doing? Get the puck out!' And then I have to remind myself, 'Wait, it's OK, we win.' .

We can't put our heads down after this one.

I've been through a lot with them, winning the Stanley Cup and playing in the World Cup together. I've known Brad since I was 14 so to be part of this with him, it's going to be a great experience and we'll never forget it.