"Vincent Canby" was an American Film criticism/film critic who became the chief film critic for The New York Times in 1969 and reviewed more than 1000 films during his tenure there.

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She may be the only leading lady in America today with the ability to cross one eye without moving the other.

Hack fiction exploits curiosity without really satisfying it or making connections between it and anything else in the world.

We are drawn to our television sets each April the way we are drawn to the scene of an accident.

It is guaranteed to put all teeth on edge, including George Washington's, wherever they might be.

Miss Dietrich is not so much a performer as a one-woman environment.

She was a woman attempting to make some sense of, and get some satisfaction from, a life that seemed to have no more logic than a roulette wheel.

[His acting] remains forever fixed in a time that never dates.

When Uncle Bob (or Ted or Ray) promised to send a shooting star over the house to mark a young listener's birthday, the young listener, who had hung out the window for an hour without seeing the star, questioned not Uncle Bob (or Ted or Ray), but his own eyesight.

Good fiction reveals feeling, refines events, locates importance and, though its methods are as mysterious as they are varied, intensifies the experience of living our own lives.

America, meaning mostly the United States, is not an easy concept to comprehend. It may be appropriate that it was discovered by a Genoese sailor, in the service of the Spanish crown, looking for some place else and that, for the next half-century, it was treated as a geological impediment to be gotten through or around in order to reach some far more profitable other side.