This is a team that knows how to come back. We don't let one game get us down. Remember early in the season, we had some tough times.

I know it wasn't that fun early in the year. I tried to keep myself positive. This is a marathon.

I didn't eat any pie.

It's a routine that's working for me. I really don't try to do too much. I just try to keep my swing fresh.

They (Venezuela) asked me to play, but that's all I've heard. They did say they were going to have three catchers. Some people are saying that I would be the DH.

Anytime you get to play for your country it is an honor. But my dream is getting the Cleveland Indians to the World Series.

I never thought I had to step up. If I did think that way, I'd put pressure on myself. I was just trying to help my team.

When he's down in the zone he's really tough to hit. He went through a tough time but he was tough enough to keep himself on the mound and really battle.

That's all people are talking about there.