It was a great night to throw against a great team.

Tim did a great job of competing and hitting his spots. He's one of those kids, you tell him what you need him to do and he comes through.

We drove the ball into the alleys, and that brings a lot of confidence.

From the outfield to the infield, we can pretty much throw a ball and get it anywhere pretty quickly. And frankly, we were a little surprised that our defense has turned out to be so strong, but we feel really good about it right now.

It was more of a true league. It was a good chance for some of our newer varsity guys like Tyler Higgs to get in some work and some of our pitchers to get some quality innings.

This group has hit the ball real well. They go opposite field well and they're not afraid to swing the bat.

Cameron's been hitting the ball real well. He's been playing great defense as well. We're really excited to have him back.

We still don't have a lot of experience on the mound. We're trying to get kids innings and try to convince them to go after them.

Conference-wise, we should be right back up there as one of the top two in the conference. Even after the success in the tournament, I think our pitchers still have to prove themselves against tough competition in tight games. But I think the kids expect to win and have a lot of confidence right now.