No government has an option but to have medically acceptable benchmarks, at least in those priority areas.

Canada imports 94% of its prescription drugs and regulates the prices at levels much lower than in the U.S. Internet pharmacies then sell those cheap drugs to Americans, some states legalizing this trade.

The Albert Lasker Award recognizes world-leading scientists who have made an exceptional contribution to the understanding, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases, ... I send my congratulations to Drs. Till and McCulloch, and thank them on behalf of all Canadians.

For these kinds of issues one is never completely prepared ... we don't know when it (a pandemic) will occur, we all believe it will at some point (and) we need to make sure that we've done all we can to prepare for it.

Canada cannot be the drugstore for the United States of America. Two hundred eighty million people can't expect us to supply drugs to them.

They would require a licence and permit and the like.