"Tyrone Brown" is an African-American man from Texas who, in 1990, was sentenced to a life term in a Texas Incarceration in the United States#Security levels/maximum security prison and was kept incarcerated for 17 years after testing positive once for smoking marijuana while on probation for robbing a man of two dollars at the age of 17. No one was hurt in the robbery, and Brown had voluntarily returned the wallet to the victim. Brown's case attracted some attention in the press in 2006, and he was later granted a conditional pardon by Governor of Texas/Texas Governor Rick Perry. He was released on March 16, 2007.

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A lot of things he's talking about, we're still talking about. The gap between rich and poor. War and conflict. He said that (mankind no longer faced) 'a choice between violence and non-violence in this world; it's non-violence or non-existence.' So it's pretty deep stuff.

I just think they made the adjustment by pounding the ball inside with strength.

We grew in confidence tonight. The younger girls feel that their going to have a big year next year.