The grass is so dead - you might as well have matches sitting out there.

We had too much bad tackling and bad mistakes. Their scores were off what we did wrong.

I believe in ghosts. I just don't believe in everything I hear. I've had enough unusual experiences of my own to know there's something out there. ... Most people grow out of it. I never did.

It's one of those great places.

For at least a few hours, they can forget about the troubles of the world and enjoy a nice atmosphere without having to deal with the stress of the holiday.

We have to have heart and play as a team. Talent alone does not win games. Teams win games.

Puppies are going to cry and dogs are going to bark. That's just the way they are. I don't want a $50 fine every time someone calls and complains about my dogs barking at a tractor going down the road.

Who in their right mind would use the downstairs one? ... If you heard footsteps overhead, wouldn't you hurry up a little?