What all of us heard (at Monday night's public hearing) is that the animal shelter is not open enough. I think we need to do a better job of organizing it so that it's more available to the public.

They actually have the consulting side as part of their business, to advise on a range of aspects of outsourcing.

I'm very excited about the opportunity. I really am. I'm excited and looking forward to working with the people here, the ones I've worked with all these years.

I can tell you there are definitely a lot more people riding today. This lot is never nearly this full this early.

That expense is going to reduce the amount of reserves that we would otherwise have accumulated, but because we are ahead of schedule in the accumulation of reserves in this current fiscal year, I believe we are on a schedule I am comfortable with to put the reserves back where they need to be.

I've heard no evidence that Stephen didn't voluntarily choose to ingest those leaves.

Obviously, everyone knows we have had a dry summer, and as a consequence we had significantly improved water sales this summer.

We may find that it's a wastewater plant operator or our parks employees whose pay we need to adjust higher. We'll know that better after we do a significant survey of 10 or 12 cities that we think we should stack up against.